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Welcome to New Disciples Baptist

New Disciples Baptist Church started as My Radical Church, an outreach ministry- a ministry with the intention of spreading the love of Jesus Christ and reaching the homeless population of Rock Hill, South Carolina. March of 2020, the ministry became New Disciples Baptist Church a new church plant still local to Rock Hill, South Carolina, located on, 742 North Anderson Road. 

Get On Life Support

This has nothing to do with the pandemic. Most of us need support to live in the Spirit and to walk in the Spirit. Barbara Roth will be leading this group which is open to anyone. During this pandemic, we must overcome our fears and press on with the work of Christ. This group is your chance to be spiritually resuscitated. Join our LIFE SUPPORT GROUP. Call or text Barbara at 803-984-7180 today. 

Our Mission Field

The location of New Disciples is extremely important. We are right next door to the new Carolina Panthers practice facility in Rock Hill. This will rapidly become the fastest growing area in South Carolina. It will have the tallest building in the state. New apartment complexes are sprouting up all around and we are certain that many other new residential developments will soon begin to appear. People will be moving into the area from all over the world. New Disciples is the only Baptist church in the center of this exciting mission field and you can be  part of God's work to reach it with the gospel.

The Family of God

As a church, we come together with one objective- to reach the community, build relationships, and save the lost. As a family, we are connected together with Christ as the focus of our studies, doing His will for His purpose. Surely the Lord deserves all of our praise and glory- 1 John 4:19

Being a newly planted church, we are seeking families and individuals who are on fire for Christ and eager to learn and share The Good News of The Gospel. As we grow, we are also looking for people to become involved with leadership, as well as those who would like to direct worship services and Sunday school for adult and children ministries. People with an overall passion to jump in and grow our church, and community family. 

      "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the world. Amen"- Matthew 28:19-20 


Every Saturday afternoon our prayer warriors walk through one of our communities praying for individuals and the overall community. We have been blessed to meet and pray for so many people with both material and spiritual needs. You are welcome to join us and, if you cannot, we welcome your prayers for us wherever you are.

Prayer BoothThe first Thursday evening of each month dozens of people pass through our parking lot at 742 N Anderson Rd. to shop at the food trucks parked on the four corners and at other booths in between. Our volunteers tend to our prayer booth to meet shoppers and pray with those who request it. We are always ready to share the gospel with anyone who will listen.

To attract visitors to the booth, we offer free popcorn and bottled water. We also offer each visitor a free Bible, a variety of Bible tracts and an invitation to visit our church.

Pictured above are the pastor's wife, Barbara Roth, on the left, and Shieterrick Melton on the right. It is fun to always meet new people every week. The booth has also become very popular with the children, so Barbara has begun handing out free candy also.